Joyce's Ulysses Concordance

Episodes text

  1. Telemachus
  2. Nestor
  3. Proteus
  4. Calypso
  5. Lotus Eaters
  6. Hades
  7. Aeolus
  8. Lestrygonians
  9. Scylla and Charybdis
  10. Wandering Rocks
  11. Sirens
  12. Cyclops
  13. Nausicaa
  14. Oxen of the Sun
  15. Circe
  16. Eumaeus
  17. Ithaca
  18. Penelope

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7. Aeolus

[5901] O, HARP EOLIAN!

8. Lestrygonians

[7754] good. Where Pat Kinsella had his Harp theatre before Whitbred ran the
[7760] hat. His parboiled eyes. Where is he now? Beggar somewhere. The harp

11. Sirens

[13057] Only the harp. Lovely. Gold glowering light. Girl touched it. Poop of
[13058] a lovely. Gravy’s rather good fit for a. Golden ship. Erin. The harp

14. Oxen of the Sun

[19578] and harp soothe his senses or amid the cool silver tranquility of the

15. Circe

[22703] to the door, his wild harp slung behind him. Virag reaches the door in

17. Ithaca

[29180] double vibration of a jew’s harp in the resonant lane.